‘You don’t have to be perfect’ with Ines Subashka

Watch the interview with Ines Subashka, discussing why you do not have to be perfect

Ines Subashka is an influencer, who has went through everything connected with food and eating disorders. She experimented on her own self and after torturing her body and soul, finally found balance. She has two published books and more about her could be read in her website By telling inspirational stories, posting about her food intake daily she encourages many to get inspired, fit and strong and to find their best versions and reinvent  themselves.

Watch the interview with Ines, where she opens up about her eating disorder history and shares more about her experience. Ines explains that for her it is important to differentiate yourself with your eating disorder and understand you do not have to be perfect each day – you have have to be you and just do your best.


‘It is always easier to share something in front of the monitor just because the live contact is missing. There, you can always escape from yourself, to write whatever you want and you don’t have to respond to the reaction of the others. You can always not read the comments, to delete the posts, while when there is actual contact you have to bear the consequences of the result you words and actions will have and what you have done – whether someone will approve or disapprove you.’


‘You do not put #EatingDisorderRecovery etc and even your name on Instagram is not connected with the Eating Disorder. In some way the Eating Disorder keeps living within those people and to be a part of their life, because they constantly associate themselves with it.’


‘We should know that we only see the best moments of the others but we perceive ourselves with our worst moments. We should know the others have absolutely the same moments and it is import to approach social media with awareness. Of course, reducing your online presence helps. I mean not feeling like to have to upload everything you do and to look for other’s approval and recognition. Just to know that you can have moments just for yourself, which others will approve or not.’


‘In my opinion, everything depends on the fact that most people have the wrong idea that they have to be ideal and perfect at everything they do. That’s where the problem comes from … most people with an Eating Disorder are perfectionists and over ambitious.’