Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka is an inspiring person, who has went through everything connected with food and eating disorders. She experimented on her own self and after torturing her body and soul, finally found balance. Her story can be read in one of her books “#SayNoToHunger: Recover your metabolism from diets”. She has another published book as well – ‘The IFS Gene – A Vision for Health’ and works as a conditioning trainer, owning two gyms in Sofia – IFS – Inspired Fit Strong. More about her could be read in her website or you can follow her on Facebook, where the group she created “IFS Lifetime Challenge“ has 61 392 members – people, getting inspired to find their best versions and reinvent  themselves. By daily sharing inspirational stories, posting about her food intake etc she encourages many people to get inspired, fit and strong!