The research project ‘Inside’ is delivered in the form of a website and the following techniques are used:

  • The website is registered and hosted by the Bulgarian domain company Register.BG and has been paid in order to secure a first level domain. The page is build with the help of WordPress and is structured as a responsive, parallax website. A number of plugins are used, as well as a smart page builder
  • The opening video is filmed with Nikon D3100 and a tripod and later edited in Final Cut Pro – it is turned into black and white and a lot of light effects are added in order to not see the face of the girl and to correspond to the topic. The music, which is used is royalty-free and is specifically chosen
  • The video interview is filmed with Nikon D3100 and a tripod and later edited in Final Cut Pro
  • The animation video with the results is created with Keynote, animated and later exported as a video
  • The infographics are created with Adobe Photoshop and try to present the findings in a visual manner with charts, scales and icons
  • The articles are written, based on the face-to-face interviews, which are recorded with an iPhone, later transcribed and translated. The manner is which the articles are written is more playful and as talking to the reader. As Henneke (2016 p.1) states ‘readers crave a human touch’, so a conversational content approach is undertaken


  • Colours and design: 

The used colours for the website are white, grey and light pink. White is the colour of purity and innocence as well as simplicity. ‘The color white affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal’ according to Bourn (2018 p.1), which is a great way to connect the design with the topic in terms of receiving mental clarity after ‘surviving’ an eating disorder. Grey is also a neutral and balanced colour, which is connected to white. The use of pink is explained as a the need of something bright, which can act as the ray of sunshine in the dark theme. When getting ‘inside’, there is still light and pink acts as a connection to harmony and inner peace (Bourn 2018). According to Bourn (2018 p.1) ‘pink gemstones are believed to bring acceptance’. This acceptance is what is central when over coming an eating disorder.

The colours used for the infographics and the animation video are pastel – ‘pastels are considered relieving and soothing and are even sometimes equated with sanity’ (Feng Shui And Beyond 2018 p.1). Even the word ‘soothing’ has been mentioned in the questionnaire answers, so when the researcher wondered which colours to use, the pastels appeared to be very suitable as they are also related with sanity (the opposite of mental disorders).




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